What do all the top ranking escort sites have in common?

(and how you can have them too!)

In the last 18 months Google and the way it provides results on a search query has changed immeasurably. Google has seen the world changing in the way it demands information and has changed with it. Webmasters who don’t keep up, invariable miss out.

Something you may not realise is the fact that because we all use our smartphones much more than we use a desk bound PC the way we access and find information has changed. Many people now no longer make a search on Google for the information they want, they will ask their friends on social media channels or the people they follow online, making search itself much less relevant!  Now, that means that if this trend continues, Google will be out of business so they have gradually changed the goalposts so that their own business is highly relevant for today’s market.

In days gone by, it was all about backlinks and pagerank. SEO companies were swapping and trading them like playing cards, some were buying them and others were creating huge networks of low quality websites for the prime purpose of linking into their main website and it worked… for a while. Google got wise to this and so the roll out of the massive algorithm changes called Panda and Penguin annihilated many well known sites in all industries. In the escort industry, there were a large number of very well known agencies, particularly in London who were hit hard and some have still never recovered and whilst links do still play a part in good rankings,  the focus  has shifted and is  much less important as far as Google is concerned.

Sitting at the popular table counts.

Mean-Girls-Lunch-Table-671x450Think about how you find things on the internet for a moment. How many times do you check your social channels every day? I bet you check them more often than you visit a search engine in a day. That is exactly what is driving Google’s algorithms – how do you and the rest of the world find things? You find them through your contacts in social hangouts. So rather than become extinct, Google has shape shifted and got itself in with the popular social gang to make sure it stays relevant. So if you want high Google rankings you better get in with the in-crowd and get social!

Here’s the proof

 Big brands do well without having optimised websites. They don’t need to play by the rules but why? Because they have such a big following on social networks that their buzz means they will always be talked about and a topic of conversation.

Twitter accounts are showing up in the search results. They may not be on the first page (yet) but they are becoming more frequent in their appearances. – Watch this space!

Those with high (genuine) Google+ accounts are ranked artificially higher  even if their content is not specifically relevant to the search term.

More words = higher rankings. Those sites with a lot to say are consistently outranking those with general 300-500 word pages (or less!) regular fresh content is highly prized in Googleland as it is more likely to be shared and the reader is kept on the page longer.

Mentions of your brand or company across the web. Even if a conversation is happening on a site totally unrelated to yours, Google reads that someone is simply talking about your site and makes a note of it. If enough conversations happen i.e.: on forums, portals or social channels then you are ‘trending’ and deserve to be ranked higher because you are apparently a popular topic of conversation – this brings in the old adage of ‘no publicity is bad publicity’ however in the escort Industry that is not quite the case as we all know!

Word of warning…

Put simply, there is a wrong way to create social buzz. Do it wrong and your site will be sacrificed on the altar of spam, never to be heard of again. It is not enough to create 200 posts on twitter and repeat them every day. It is not enough to write 1000 word article about ‘London escorts’ and expect it to rank. It is not enough to buy twitter followers or Google + shares – yes we know you do it! And expect to create a buzz – you have to actually engage and physically earn all these things.

The right way..

Twitter. Don’t auto post boring sales broadcasts at two minute intervals. Nobody gives a shit and you will soon find yourself unfollowed.  You know the messages I mean;


#London #escorts available in #Earls Court with Selena http://www.link.com/blah/blah


#London #escorts available in #Bayswater  with Selena http://www.link.com/blah/blah

And so on…. Whilst it is ok to let people know that Selena offers outcalls in Earls Court and Bayswater, at least do it in an interesting manner and try and tie in some trending hashtags. One we did recently for an East Anglia agency on the worst day of the UK storm got a huge amount of interest and even comments from a well known celebrity comedian congratulating us on our marketing technique. many people re-tweeted with comments on how much the tweet had made their day.  The trick is, make it interesting!


DO NOT BUY FANS.  That’s it. Post your content and earn them the right way. Create the content and genuine followers will come.(alongside the proper respect you will deserve)


Bit of a tricky one in that it has to be very carefully used and not promoted as anything to do with escorts otherwise you will be banned. We can work with Facebook but we won’t engage in the chat facility that so many people seem to think escort agencies offer a free sex chat line.

Other emerging factors.

Social does not start and finish with twitter, Google + or Facebook. Escort directories which have broadcast facilities are becoming noticed by Google and utilizing these can seriously help your rankings in the mighty Google.

So!  A few things to consider there and perhaps if you don’t already include some social marketing into your seo campaign it might be time to start and also if your seo company already make your twitter and social posts – make sure they are not doing it in a lazy way – make sure they mix it up and keep it real. That all takes time though. If they don’t include quality content writing as part of their package – find a specialist escort content writer who does.  Escort seo is changing and those who change with the times are the ones who will succeed. Those who spend the time being social – or engaging someone who can do it for them will be the ones who come out on top!

Stop moaning about that new site which has appeared from nowhere – check out their social buzz and see what they have been doing on the quiet for the last few months!Bet they have their own escort seo and social marketing team doing it for them ;)

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Stephanie Knight is a published erotic author and seo specialist for the Escort Industry. Trained in Journalism at BBC Broadcasting house, Stephanie has been working as a content writer, SEO and social marketer for escort agencies since 1994.

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