The fifty shades of grey bandwagon keeps rolling along and this time with the invention of a burger – yes really. Marketing wise, you have got to hand it to the owners of a Devon restaurant who are marking the release of the soft porn film with their very own tribute in bacon. Their 15 shades of bacon burger includes 15 different varieties of bacon, one can only assume that there are not the required 50 varieties available in order to pay full homage to the film. However their imagination and business savvy must be celebrated because if it is as popular as everything else which has been marketed under the banner of these books   then it looks like most of Devon will be suffering with obesity by the summer. If, like us you are a little bored with all the excitement then you too cannot wait for the release of the film, just so that it is over, sooner.

As a high class London escort agency we have been fulfilling gentlemen’s fantasies the likes of which writer EL James could only dream of, should that be wet-dream of? Whilst the rest of the world went mad and worked themselves into an orgasmic fit at the shenanigans of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele we were busy fulfilling the desires and passions of real men and women. The fact that every business and retailer has chosen to promote their dodgy mugs, car stickers and T Shirts with related bondage slogans simply cheapens what should be a highly erotic and sensual experience.

The publication and subsequent furore over the trilogy has, at least, brought light bondage out into the open and made it much more acceptable. Indeed we have seen an increase ourselves in clients fancying themselves as their very own versions of Christian Grey and of course our stunning fetish escorts are always happy to oblige, however there comes a time when something stops being erotic and exciting, simply because it is no longer unusual. When does a fetish become mainstream – when someone writes a book about it!

Our Domination escorts are in no doubt that they have seen a stream of people who have had somewhat vanilla expectations as to their personal fetish escort service. They arrive bright eyed and all expectant to receive a light tap and tickle before reverting to their usual bump and grind. Imagine their surprise when they realise that a true domination service from one of our gloriously twisted fetish escorts is somewhat different. We would like to point out though, that no client was harmed in the event of writing this blog!

Whilst public awareness and acceptance of a particular pleasure is always something we encourage, it has to be said that it only enhances the service itself when it is depicted in its true sense. One would not enter the army simply to learn to drive a tank without understanding the full undertaking of the role and likewise our fetish escorts in London offer a skilled service designed to fulfil those with more exotic tastes in pleasure. If bondage, domination, submission and fetish fun interest you then we suggest a little more light reading on the subject to make sure it is right for you and your needs. If you find that it is, then do call our gorgeous Fetish escorts who will certainly whip you into line. Follow Anastasia’s lead when she purrs ‘Enlighten me then..’

That Pants!

Last Sunday could well have been cemented in the record books as the most number of journeys taken on the underground – beating the current date on Friday 28th November 2014 which was Mastercard’s ‘Fare Free Friday’. The reason? The annual ‘No Pants On The Tube Day’ no less. This was the perfect chance to enjoy the kind of view most men fantasise about and allfor the price of a one day travel card! We should be thankful at least that the organisers, who seem to remain anonymous, respectfully request that participants should not wear ‘anything overly close fitting’ so that’s the banana hammock out then!

The idea originally started back in 2002 in New York (where else?) and was aimed at being a fun event for no purpose whatsoever other than raising a smile amongst other passengers. Those taking part are encouraged to dress as usual except for the bottom half of their attire and go about their business as usual. One might wonder though, what business are they in that does not require a full set of clothing? It could be said that our London escorts have a ‘uniform’ which may not require the full ensemble however gadding about the London Underground with your lunch on show to everyone is not our idea of discretion.

The event, which was embraced the world over, could be seen as an opportunity to get a pervy eyeful however it seemed this event was only embraced by those who really should have stayed at home, or at least covered up, preferably both. At least if our beautiful London escorts had taken part we would imagine that our receptionist would not have been thankful and our office might have resembled the old telephone exchange office with calls galore but alas, judging by the photos taken around the world only the extrovert, exhibitionists and those impervious to the frost took part.

For the first time this year, there was an after party for all those who took part – this only included those who removed their clothes, not those perving at them, at the London Cocktail Club (well it would be wouldn’t it?) in Oxford Circus. Participants were somewhat surprisingly encouraged to put their clothes back on for this lest anyone was put off their Martini.

Oddly enough, it was the Romanian subway officials who seemed to get their knickers in a twist about it all threatening to fine anyone taking part for being ‘indecent’ although given that all the very best and most beautiful Romanian girls are now in London , many of them stunning London escorts at our agency, perhaps they had a point.

There have been many images taken and posted to all the news agencies reporting this event and it is interesting to see that on the London underground at least, rather than raise a smile or anything else for that matter, other tube users seem to be especially interested, no, make that fixated, on the surrounding scenery. Who knew the inside of a tunnel could be so interesting?

Six simple steps to get on the first page of Google


There is so much hype over the importance of being on page 1 for your most important keyword. Many statistics say that 33% of traffic never goes past page 1 so if you are not on it, you could be missing out on a third more visitors. Here we have given the basic steps to getting your escort agency on page 1 and also included some things to think about along the way.


1. Make sure your agency has QUALITY content.

The quality of your text is as important to the Google bots as it is to real live humans. You will need to spend a great deal of time creating informative and unique written content for all the pages on your site. This means excellent grammar and spelling as well as making sure that the writing actually reads well. DO NOT think that getting someone to write a few hundred ‘blogs’ of around 100-200 words in broken English will do the job, at least not long term, and think about what that portrays to potential clients if they do happen to read it.

Quality writing does cost money. Ask to see some samples of the writer’s work and if it sounds like a sexy M&S advert then go for it. If it sounds like ‘Manuel’ from Fawlty Towers or ‘Apu’ from ‘the Simpsons’ – run a mile!


2. Make sure all your content is ORIGINAL!

If you steal someone else’s content your agency will be penalised. Google has a built in Copyscape so it knows immediately that those 12 words have been stolen from another page. If you take whole paragraphs or even entire sentences , Google will know. There are hefty penalties for duplicate content, both images, layout and written content , so the simple answer is – don’t do it! Focus on creating unique content that is related to what the page itself is about.


3. A word about images!

Images are important too. Google looks for the images and the style of the site to match the content on the page, so make sure that when you are writing content that the images are depicting what you are trying to say. Make sure that you use alt tags associated with the written content on the page as it gives an idea as to the subject of the page if the person was not able to see the text. All these things go towards making the almighty Google happy.


4. Use keywords – but not too much.

Use Google analytics to find the best keywords that will bring you in the most targeted clients. People who already have searched for something more specific and have clicked through to your site are already pre-sold. These kinds of visitors have a much better conversion rate than someone making a more generalised search. We know that most escort agencies in the city want to be on page 1 for London escorts however this is so generalised that even if you were on page 1 for this search term, you may never get the click-through’s if you are not exactly what the person is actually looking for anyway. Think about keywords that actually describe perfectly what your site is about. Also do not overuse your keywords in your text. A ratio of about 1:100 will be plenty as anything more and it will be considered as keyword stuffing, so do tread on the path of cautiousness.


5. Code and Tags

Make sure you use all the header tags, titles, alt tags and meta tags for all your pages. Make sure that you use good descriptive words that are targeted to your message on that page. Do not overstuff them with keywords. Most escort agency CMS systems will allow you to put in the various titles, descriptions and tags for the pages as well as your images, so make the most of them!



This is a whole other ball game at the moment. We see so many sites that are currently on page 1 that have an absolutely disgusting back-link profile. They have thousands of back-links with a high % all using the same anchor text (usually the main keyword) but coming from non-English sites, blog comments, forum profiles and blog articles that are absolutely nothing to do with escort related sites at all. Linking with these sites will get you to page 1 temporarily. However the next time the Google bot visits these sites and sees your link – it’s a black mark against you. As these add up with every bad site that Google visits so your ranking will drop. Go over a certain limit and you will simply be penalised and out of Google all together. The only option to you then is have a brand new website built.

There are lots of seo agencies out there who will do this for you. What does it matter to them, they will simply say that Google changed it’s algo and they will need more money to do more work – either way – you lose. Get informed and get yourself a back-link checker something like majesticseo or backlinkwatch (free) and see what the domains are that they are linking you with and what text they are using to link you (anchor text).

ONCE THESE LINKS ARE ON YOUR SITE, THEY ARE EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO REMOVE. Google does have a disavow tool to let it know that these links are bad however by actually using it you are admitting to Google that you are knowingly trying to gain back-links and it went a bit wrong for you. Either way the only way you get your rankings back is by diluting the bad ones. This is obviously much harder than if you hadn’t got them in the first place.

Get good, worthwhile back-links. These will come from places that you would expect to draw in REAL PEOPLE who are looking for the services you are offering.


These are the 6 things that, if done correctly, will get you on the first page of google for your chosen search term. Do remember though that all your competitors are doing the same thing and so it also become a question of consistency, volume, activeness and skill. If you need help with this, then give us a call or drop us a line.images7

Here are just some of our recent success stories for our clients;


Fantasy London Girls were languishing somewhere out in neverland with their rankings and paying their current SEO team thousands of £££ for nothing!! After switching to us they now enjoy the following page 1 rankings so far:

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Playgirls-London also has no rankings whatesoever just 2 months ago. Today they have over 48 different search terms on page 1 !!!:

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Even sites on small seo packages can achieve success:

SimplyGorgeous escorts is on page 1 for:

East Anglia escorts

Anglia escorts

East Anglia escort agency


How long are you going to continue paying other SEO companies for spammy links and no results?


Call to start achieving success 08432896615 or drop us an email out of office hours :)


Google is serious about removing spam from the search results. If you want to get high rankings on Google, you should know that:

  • Artificial backlinks (blog comment spam, low quality articles, forum spam, etc.) will get your website in trouble.
  • It can take months until your website recovers from bad backlinks.


If your escort seo company are still doing these types of links for you then it is time to change.  You can check your backlink profile yourself, just search for a backlinks tool – there are plenty of free ones. Pay particular attention to any .pl or .de referring domains as these could be part of the massive german and Polish blog networks that Google has penalised in the last couple of weeks.

I know that there are many ‘seo’ companies out there that use these networks and I can think of a few major London escort agencies that are likely to be hit in the coming weeks as a result so if you think you could be affected – check out your links sooner rather than later.

In some cases, for some escort agencies it could be better to simply start again on a fresh domain with no backlinks whatsoever. if you create fresh, unique and informative content, keep your banner advertising and go for great social marketing through twitter and making regular announcements about your escorts then this will get you back up the rasnkings faster than waiting for all your existing bad links to die out.  if you do use the Google disavow tool – beware – you are actually admitting that you have used bad seo practices in the past and admitting to breaking the Google webmaster guidelines.

For escort agencies throughout the UK, using escort directories, making announcements (aimed at clients not search engines) adding content to your agency website and working with your twitter account to promote your escorts are all ways that will help your escort agency grow. Dont be taken in by escort seo companies telling you that these kinds of links are ok – they are not!

If you think your escort agency website is falling foul of these backlink rules and would like an objective opinion, contact us and we can run a report of all the referring domains pointing to you. We can tell if they have authority or if they are deemed ‘poisonous’.

use our contact form to send us an email or give us a call on 0843 289 6615



Ok, a slight double entendre but it caught your attention, right? So now you already know we are good at what we do because if we can target you and get you to read this, then we can get your clients to read advertising materials for your escort agency too.

In fact, your clients are probably not getting enough – of you and your agency. Seasoned advertisers know that there is the rule of 7. Potential clients will need to see your ad between 5 and 7 times before they remember it. Social marketing is not so different except that you need to be seen to be REALLY active in order to capture a follower and keep yourself in the forefront of their minds.

Once you have a good number of followers in comparison to your competitors, then you can enjoy the ‘crowd effect’. This is where your following snowballs as more and more people want to join in what seems to be a popular account or group.  Social media statistics show that followers are 76% more likely to book with you than a casual website visitor.

Hmm, makes your twitter account seem perhaps that little bit more important now doesn’t it!

Of course, you will need to keep your shiny new followers and you do that by making contact, posting, answering any questions, thanking them for following, retweeting various posts and making them feel involved. Now all this does amount to a great deal of time spent on social networks and twitter in particular so if you don’t have around 5 or 6 hours every day to spare doing this then it could prove time and cost effective to find out how we can help you.

Social media marketing is something that a great many escort agencies do themselves. For the most part, they engage in a broadcast frenzy at various times during the day when they have the time. Their messages tend to be cold and impersonal and followers are rarely responded to unless in a direct message. This is such a waste of an amazing opportunity to gain the trust of a multitude of potential new clients!!

Here are a few pointers on how best to engage your followers and gain new ones in the process.

1. Keep a record

Make a note of your tweets. What they were about, what links they had and what hashtags you used and the time and date they were posted.

2. Measure.

Take a look at your stats and see how many website visitors or calls you had in relation to those tweets. How many visited your site through the links and how many called asking to book the escort you promoted

3. timing

Check your website stats. Which are the busiest periods on your website. Have they been affected or changed since you started tweeting. Work out the busiest hours in the day or night and make sure you write the bulk of your tweets during that time to capture a bigger audience.

4.Mix it up

Don’t keep broadcasting the same boring messages: London escorts at available every day etc etc. Put some humour in, make the messages naughty, aim them towards trending hashtags.

5. Become human

Sprinkle in some personal thoughts, annoyances, funny stories and become the human behind the agency. You will seem much more approachable that way. In the case of escort agencies though it can sometimes attract the wrong type of follower in that they think it is a chance for some free erotic chat but maintain control, be polite but don’t let it carry you away!

6. Repetition. I repeat. Repetition

Psychological studies show that 59% of people will believe something if they read it/hear it 3-5 times. In the non-adult world it is easy to get people to share their experiences by word of mouth and recommendations are made in that way however for escort agencies, it’s not really something that ‘mike’ will recommend to ‘john’ at the dinner party so we have to keep pushing ahead without this tool. Repeat your message in different formats and it will be remembered.

7. Socialise – it’s a social network!

Speak to followers. Mention them in a tweet, make it personalised. Find out what clients like and give it to them. Give them something to start communicating with you. Get people to share their favourite sexual position and say which of your escorts they would like to try it with. That sort of question puts no pressure on your follower but gives them something to think about!

8. Create Twixclusives

This is an offer or discount or special promo that people can’t find anywhere else. Make your followers feel loved and appreciated. Perhaps you will offer a flash discount for people making an escort booking within 10 minutes or perhaps a 90 minute session for the price of 60 minutes for all bookings that night in Edgware road. The choice is yours. If you schedule in your Twixclusives at the same time every week you will soon have a healthy following – remember Pavlovs dogs?

If all this seems a little overwhelming then don’t worry as you can gradually build up to including all these points in your twitter and social marketing for your escort agency. It does take up a great deal of your time and can eat into your day without you realising but if you realise the potential this has to make your escort agency become the ‘brand name’ in your area then why not let us take the load for you?

You might be surprised to learn that our social marketing packages start from just £150 per month – that’s less than most escort seo services which do not give you a dedicated account manager who will run and work on your twitter account every single day and even make your evening and weekend posts for you!

The value of a successful twitter account cannot be under estimated and with search engines like Google  including social signals (social popularity) into their ranking algorithms it is more important than ever to have your Escort Social Marketing in place. I repeat. It is more important than ever to have your escort social marketing in place – couldn’t resist!

Give us a call and discuss how cheap your social

seo can be for your escort agency

(and how you can have them too!)

In the last 18 months Google and the way it provides results on a search query has changed immeasurably. Google has seen the world changing in the way it demands information and has changed with it. Webmasters who don’t keep up, invariable miss out.

Something you may not realise is the fact that because we all use our smartphones much more than we use a desk bound PC the way we access and find information has changed. Many people now no longer make a search on Google for the information they want, they will ask their friends on social media channels or the people they follow online, making search itself much less relevant!  Now, that means that if this trend continues, Google will be out of business so they have gradually changed the goalposts so that their own business is highly relevant for today’s market.

In days gone by, it was all about backlinks and pagerank. SEO companies were swapping and trading them like playing cards, some were buying them and others were creating huge networks of low quality websites for the prime purpose of linking into their main website and it worked… for a while. Google got wise to this and so the roll out of the massive algorithm changes called Panda and Penguin annihilated many well known sites in all industries. In the escort industry, there were a large number of very well known agencies, particularly in London who were hit hard and some have still never recovered and whilst links do still play a part in good rankings,  the focus  has shifted and is  much less important as far as Google is concerned.

Sitting at the popular table counts.

Mean-Girls-Lunch-Table-671x450Think about how you find things on the internet for a moment. How many times do you check your social channels every day? I bet you check them more often than you visit a search engine in a day. That is exactly what is driving Google’s algorithms – how do you and the rest of the world find things? You find them through your contacts in social hangouts. So rather than become extinct, Google has shape shifted and got itself in with the popular social gang to make sure it stays relevant. So if you want high Google rankings you better get in with the in-crowd and get social!

Here’s the proof

 Big brands do well without having optimised websites. They don’t need to play by the rules but why? Because they have such a big following on social networks that their buzz means they will always be talked about and a topic of conversation.

Twitter accounts are showing up in the search results. They may not be on the first page (yet) but they are becoming more frequent in their appearances. – Watch this space!

Those with high (genuine) Google+ accounts are ranked artificially higher  even if their content is not specifically relevant to the search term.

More words = higher rankings. Those sites with a lot to say are consistently outranking those with general 300-500 word pages (or less!) regular fresh content is highly prized in Googleland as it is more likely to be shared and the reader is kept on the page longer.

Mentions of your brand or company across the web. Even if a conversation is happening on a site totally unrelated to yours, Google reads that someone is simply talking about your site and makes a note of it. If enough conversations happen i.e.: on forums, portals or social channels then you are ‘trending’ and deserve to be ranked higher because you are apparently a popular topic of conversation – this brings in the old adage of ‘no publicity is bad publicity’ however in the escort Industry that is not quite the case as we all know!

Word of warning…

Put simply, there is a wrong way to create social buzz. Do it wrong and your site will be sacrificed on the altar of spam, never to be heard of again. It is not enough to create 200 posts on twitter and repeat them every day. It is not enough to write 1000 word article about ‘London escorts’ and expect it to rank. It is not enough to buy twitter followers or Google + shares – yes we know you do it! And expect to create a buzz – you have to actually engage and physically earn all these things.

The right way..

Twitter. Don’t auto post boring sales broadcasts at two minute intervals. Nobody gives a shit and you will soon find yourself unfollowed.  You know the messages I mean;


#London #escorts available in #Earls Court with Selena


#London #escorts available in #Bayswater  with Selena

And so on…. Whilst it is ok to let people know that Selena offers outcalls in Earls Court and Bayswater, at least do it in an interesting manner and try and tie in some trending hashtags. One we did recently for an East Anglia agency on the worst day of the UK storm got a huge amount of interest and even comments from a well known celebrity comedian congratulating us on our marketing technique. many people re-tweeted with comments on how much the tweet had made their day.  The trick is, make it interesting!


DO NOT BUY FANS.  That’s it. Post your content and earn them the right way. Create the content and genuine followers will come.(alongside the proper respect you will deserve)


Bit of a tricky one in that it has to be very carefully used and not promoted as anything to do with escorts otherwise you will be banned. We can work with Facebook but we won’t engage in the chat facility that so many people seem to think escort agencies offer a free sex chat line.

Other emerging factors.

Social does not start and finish with twitter, Google + or Facebook. Escort directories which have broadcast facilities are becoming noticed by Google and utilizing these can seriously help your rankings in the mighty Google.

So!  A few things to consider there and perhaps if you don’t already include some social marketing into your seo campaign it might be time to start and also if your seo company already make your twitter and social posts – make sure they are not doing it in a lazy way – make sure they mix it up and keep it real. That all takes time though. If they don’t include quality content writing as part of their package – find a specialist escort content writer who does.  Escort seo is changing and those who change with the times are the ones who will succeed. Those who spend the time being social – or engaging someone who can do it for them will be the ones who come out on top!

Stop moaning about that new site which has appeared from nowhere – check out their social buzz and see what they have been doing on the quiet for the last few months!Bet they have their own escort seo and social marketing team doing it for them ;)

This is the claim that has begun to gather strength in recent weeks and yes, the old ways of doing things for SEO success are literally dead in the water however optimising your escort agency website to do well in the search engines is not something that you should write off – just think about it differently.

SEO is actually harder than it used to be. Previously you could just grab a bunch of links (pay for them even) and away you go – page 1 within a week. Now, none of that helps your site anymore,– in fact, it can even get your site banned! Google has made it very clear that it wants a website to engage with users and provide interesting and unique information which will benefit the user in some way and these are the sites which it ranks highly.

So, how do you go about engaging with your users. Well, for a start make sure that all the written content on your site is optimised for the things that you want to be found for. If you want to be found for ‘Kensington escorts’ then at least make sure that you have a healthy gallery of ladies who are actually in Kensington or at least mention that they are willing to offer outcall there! You would be surprised how many agencies state that they want to appear on page 1 for certain keywords and yet they don’t even have any escorts offering services in that area!

If a client lands on your Kensington page and there are no escorts – he is going to leave immediately. If he does that then you have just gained yourself a ‘bounce’ from your site – too many of those tells Google that your site is not relevant for that search term and your rankings will start to drop. On the plus side – if your visitor comes to your site through a certain keyword and stays on your site for a little while then Google notes that your site is obviously relevant for this search term and will gradually promote you through the ranks depending on how popular your site is. SO! In order to rank well in Google – your site needs to be popular with people.

If you pay for SEO services – do you actually know what they are doing each day for you? Are you getting fresh, regular content which is optimised for certain keywords, are they regularly tweeting about your escorts and your services and the areas in which you operate? NO? Then time for a change.

Escort social marketing, despite the name, offers SEO services for Independent escorts and escort agencies in all areas of the UK so whether you are looking for an escort seo in London or in Manchester this company have the knowledge, expertise and drive to help your escort agency succeed.

Search Engine Optimisation is what SEO stands for and its purpose is to affect the rankings of a website in a search engine to make it more visible. There are many ways in which seo companies do this although with changing algorithms, what is good one week may be bad the next!

Escort seo is all about keeping up (ideally) overtaking your competitors. There are some keywords and search terms that are so competitive for instance ‘London Escorts’ it can be extremely difficult to rank on page 1 for them.

In the last 12 months Google has introduced a raft of new algorithms which have effectively wiped out many ways in which Adult seo companies could rank adult websites higher. Google is gradually shepherding webmasters and seo companies to work the way that they want them to work and basically NOT do any seo whatsoever. Their mantra has been make good content, refresh it regularly and share it. If the people like it then Google will rank it higher.

SEO for escort agencies has changed. Those seo companies who stick with the blog commenting, social bookmarking and aggressive link building are finding that their client sites are becoming less and less prominent and being replaced with agencies which promote themselves through social media and who keep their sites updated with fresh content regularly and do almost zero link building. This is why so many agencies are shocked to find new escort agencies on page 1 for the search term London escorts.

If you have a mature site which has had plenty of backlinks created over time, you could find yourself losing out to a brand new site with almost no history whatsoever. If this is the case you will need to rebalance your now ‘bad’ links with good ones and this can take time.

Escort Social Marketing and Escort Site Promotion are two escort seo specialist providers who keep up to date with all the latest requirements Google announces. They tailor their services accordingly and have achieved great success in this way of working. If your site is losing rankings or your phone is not ringing as much as it used to – why not give either one of them a call and talk over your options. It may even work out cheaper in the long run to ditch your old site completely and start afresh with a new one without all the bad links!