Are your clients getting enough?


Ok, a slight double entendre but it caught your attention, right? So now you already know we are good at what we do because if we can target you and get you to read this, then we can get your clients to read advertising materials for your escort agency too.

In fact, your clients are probably not getting enough – of you and your agency. Seasoned advertisers know that there is the rule of 7. Potential clients will need to see your ad between 5 and 7 times before they remember it. Social marketing is not so different except that you need to be seen to be REALLY active in order to capture a follower and keep yourself in the forefront of their minds.

Once you have a good number of followers in comparison to your competitors, then you can enjoy the ‘crowd effect’. This is where your following snowballs as more and more people want to join in what seems to be a popular account or group.  Social media statistics show that followers are 76% more likely to book with you than a casual website visitor.

Hmm, makes your twitter account seem perhaps that little bit more important now doesn’t it!

Of course, you will need to keep your shiny new followers and you do that by making contact, posting, answering any questions, thanking them for following, retweeting various posts and making them feel involved. Now all this does amount to a great deal of time spent on social networks and twitter in particular so if you don’t have around 5 or 6 hours every day to spare doing this then it could prove time and cost effective to find out how we can help you.

Social media marketing is something that a great many escort agencies do themselves. For the most part, they engage in a broadcast frenzy at various times during the day when they have the time. Their messages tend to be cold and impersonal and followers are rarely responded to unless in a direct message. This is such a waste of an amazing opportunity to gain the trust of a multitude of potential new clients!!

Here are a few pointers on how best to engage your followers and gain new ones in the process.

1. Keep a record

Make a note of your tweets. What they were about, what links they had and what hashtags you used and the time and date they were posted.

2. Measure.

Take a look at your stats and see how many website visitors or calls you had in relation to those tweets. How many visited your site through the links and how many called asking to book the escort you promoted

3. timing

Check your website stats. Which are the busiest periods on your website. Have they been affected or changed since you started tweeting. Work out the busiest hours in the day or night and make sure you write the bulk of your tweets during that time to capture a bigger audience.

4.Mix it up

Don’t keep broadcasting the same boring messages: London escorts at available every day etc etc. Put some humour in, make the messages naughty, aim them towards trending hashtags.

5. Become human

Sprinkle in some personal thoughts, annoyances, funny stories and become the human behind the agency. You will seem much more approachable that way. In the case of escort agencies though it can sometimes attract the wrong type of follower in that they think it is a chance for some free erotic chat but maintain control, be polite but don’t let it carry you away!

6. Repetition. I repeat. Repetition

Psychological studies show that 59% of people will believe something if they read it/hear it 3-5 times. In the non-adult world it is easy to get people to share their experiences by word of mouth and recommendations are made in that way however for escort agencies, it’s not really something that ‘mike’ will recommend to ‘john’ at the dinner party so we have to keep pushing ahead without this tool. Repeat your message in different formats and it will be remembered.

7. Socialise – it’s a social network!

Speak to followers. Mention them in a tweet, make it personalised. Find out what clients like and give it to them. Give them something to start communicating with you. Get people to share their favourite sexual position and say which of your escorts they would like to try it with. That sort of question puts no pressure on your follower but gives them something to think about!

8. Create Twixclusives

This is an offer or discount or special promo that people can’t find anywhere else. Make your followers feel loved and appreciated. Perhaps you will offer a flash discount for people making an escort booking within 10 minutes or perhaps a 90 minute session for the price of 60 minutes for all bookings that night in Edgware road. The choice is yours. If you schedule in your Twixclusives at the same time every week you will soon have a healthy following – remember Pavlovs dogs?

If all this seems a little overwhelming then don’t worry as you can gradually build up to including all these points in your twitter and social marketing for your escort agency. It does take up a great deal of your time and can eat into your day without you realising but if you realise the potential this has to make your escort agency become the ‘brand name’ in your area then why not let us take the load for you?

You might be surprised to learn that our social marketing packages start from just £150 per month – that’s less than most escort seo services which do not give you a dedicated account manager who will run and work on your twitter account every single day and even make your evening and weekend posts for you!

The value of a successful twitter account cannot be under estimated and with search engines like Google  including social signals (social popularity) into their ranking algorithms it is more important than ever to have your Escort Social Marketing in place. I repeat. It is more important than ever to have your escort social marketing in place – couldn’t resist!

Give us a call and discuss how cheap your social

seo can be for your escort agency

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Stephanie Knight is a published erotic author and seo specialist for the Escort Industry. Trained in Journalism at BBC Broadcasting house, Stephanie has been working as a content writer, SEO and social marketer for escort agencies since 1994.

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