6 Simple steps for Page 1 Escort rankings

Six simple steps to get on the first page of Google


There is so much hype over the importance of being on page 1 for your most important keyword. Many statistics say that 33% of traffic never goes past page 1 so if you are not on it, you could be missing out on a third more visitors. Here we have given the basic steps to getting your escort agency on page 1 and also included some things to think about along the way.


1. Make sure your agency has QUALITY content.

The quality of your text is as important to the Google bots as it is to real live humans. You will need to spend a great deal of time creating informative and unique written content for all the pages on your site. This means excellent grammar and spelling as well as making sure that the writing actually reads well. DO NOT think that getting someone to write a few hundred ‘blogs’ of around 100-200 words in broken English will do the job, at least not long term, and think about what that portrays to potential clients if they do happen to read it.

Quality writing does cost money. Ask to see some samples of the writer’s work and if it sounds like a sexy M&S advert then go for it. If it sounds like ‘Manuel’ from Fawlty Towers or ‘Apu’ from ‘the Simpsons’ – run a mile!


2. Make sure all your content is ORIGINAL!

If you steal someone else’s content your agency will be penalised. Google has a built in Copyscape so it knows immediately that those 12 words have been stolen from another page. If you take whole paragraphs or even entire sentences , Google will know. There are hefty penalties for duplicate content, both images, layout and written content , so the simple answer is – don’t do it! Focus on creating unique content that is related to what the page itself is about.


3. A word about images!

Images are important too. Google looks for the images and the style of the site to match the content on the page, so make sure that when you are writing content that the images are depicting what you are trying to say. Make sure that you use alt tags associated with the written content on the page as it gives an idea as to the subject of the page if the person was not able to see the text. All these things go towards making the almighty Google happy.


4. Use keywords – but not too much.

Use Google analytics to find the best keywords that will bring you in the most targeted clients. People who already have searched for something more specific and have clicked through to your site are already pre-sold. These kinds of visitors have a much better conversion rate than someone making a more generalised search. We know that most escort agencies in the city want to be on page 1 for London escorts however this is so generalised that even if you were on page 1 for this search term, you may never get the click-through’s if you are not exactly what the person is actually looking for anyway. Think about keywords that actually describe perfectly what your site is about. Also do not overuse your keywords in your text. A ratio of about 1:100 will be plenty as anything more and it will be considered as keyword stuffing, so do tread on the path of cautiousness.


5. Code and Tags

Make sure you use all the header tags, titles, alt tags and meta tags for all your pages. Make sure that you use good descriptive words that are targeted to your message on that page. Do not overstuff them with keywords. Most escort agency CMS systems will allow you to put in the various titles, descriptions and tags for the pages as well as your images, so make the most of them!



This is a whole other ball game at the moment. We see so many sites that are currently on page 1 that have an absolutely disgusting back-link profile. They have thousands of back-links with a high % all using the same anchor text (usually the main keyword) but coming from non-English sites, blog comments, forum profiles and blog articles that are absolutely nothing to do with escort related sites at all. Linking with these sites will get you to page 1 temporarily. However the next time the Google bot visits these sites and sees your link – it’s a black mark against you. As these add up with every bad site that Google visits so your ranking will drop. Go over a certain limit and you will simply be penalised and out of Google all together. The only option to you then is have a brand new website built.

There are lots of seo agencies out there who will do this for you. What does it matter to them, they will simply say that Google changed it’s algo and they will need more money to do more work – either way – you lose. Get informed and get yourself a back-link checker something like majesticseo or backlinkwatch (free) and see what the domains are that they are linking you with and what text they are using to link you (anchor text).

ONCE THESE LINKS ARE ON YOUR SITE, THEY ARE EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO REMOVE. Google does have a disavow tool to let it know that these links are bad however by actually using it you are admitting to Google that you are knowingly trying to gain back-links and it went a bit wrong for you. Either way the only way you get your rankings back is by diluting the bad ones. This is obviously much harder than if you hadn’t got them in the first place.

Get good, worthwhile back-links. These will come from places that you would expect to draw in REAL PEOPLE who are looking for the services you are offering.


These are the 6 things that, if done correctly, will get you on the first page of google for your chosen search term. Do remember though that all your competitors are doing the same thing and so it also become a question of consistency, volume, activeness and skill. If you need help with this, then give us a call or drop us a line.images7

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Stephanie Knight is a published erotic author and seo specialist for the Escort Industry. Trained in Journalism at BBC Broadcasting house, Stephanie has been working as a content writer, SEO and social marketer for escort agencies since 1994.

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