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Lost rankings on Google? You need to get Social!

penguinSEO has changed. Google’s technology has got smarter. It is no longer just about links and keywords to rank well, now you need  strong content that is engaging  and updated frequently, a great web design  and pages that load fast. Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird now mean that Google ranks websites with a high social presence in their top positions. The best agency marketing includes both SEO and social media. They are not alternatives. Google is simply following the progression of how people use the internet and reflecting it in the way they rank websites. The question is not Social Marketing or SEO but, HOW MUCH social marketing with SEO.

If you want to build a presence in the social media platform, then you need to be present. – @unmarketing

social_marketingOur Social Media services for escorts

All our social media packages combine the full management of your agency blog with the biggest ‘escort-friendly’ social platform – Twitter. We manage every step for you from writing the content which interests clients to making sure that it is put in front of them. Our Social media packages mean that your agency is active 24/7 and readily available when your clients need you


seoOur SEO for escorts service

A great social presence means you already have the edge to rank well in Google however you will also need great written content on your website, related websites linking to you (NOT through blog comments or social bookmarks), plenty of visitors coming in and a website which adheres to the webmaster code.